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Highly sensitive PCR diagnostics from saliva

We perform highly sensitive PCR tests using painless sample collection.

We detect infected individuals days before first symptoms appear, thus reducing the chance of infecting others.


10,000 PCR tests daily

Thanks to automation, we can significantly speed up the PCR testing process.

Available sample collectionin the Czech Republic

You can transport samples to our laboratory from all over the country.

Own development and production

We develop and manufacture tests at our sister research branch located near Prague.

Painless self-collection

We offer convenient & non-invasive sampling method, which is also suitable for children.

Our products

Pro firmy

Company testing

We offer complete PCR testing for COVID-19. Test with us and avoid shutting down your company or reducing its operation.

For partners

Work with us and offer your customers fast, convenient, and reliable PCR testing.

For public

Book an appointment at one of our partner collection sites, submit a saliva sample and you will find out your result very soon.

Our Partners